This Meditation Guide Says The Key To Clarity Is As Simple As ‘The Pause’

Stop everything you’re doing right now, because according to one meditation guide, doula, and women’s circle facilitator, taking the time to pause from life could enhance your clarity, strengthen your power to make decisions, and lead to more peaceful relationships all around.


“The world we live in now is so fast-paced, especially for those of us who live in cities like Los Angeles and New York,” says Paula Mallis. “It takes a lot of courage to slow down. But we’re really just robbing ourselves of these really amazing opportunities to tap into our inner wisdom by not pausing.”

It’s almost like an unspoken rule to reply to texts and e-mails as soon as possible, to pack as many meetings as you can into your schedule, and to use every amount of free time you have to be productive. But taking the time to pause doesn’t necessarily mean you’re procrastinating. In fact, mindfully slowing down is healthy for you.

“A pause can be helpful if we’re caught in some type of decision-making, whether it’s a job opportunity or choosing whether to stay in a relationship,” Maliss says. “It’s also useful if you’re in the process of finding your purpose and you need clarity on what might help bring that forward.”

The best way to practice the pause? Try mindful breathing.

“Slowly inhale with an intention, and then exhale the thoughts, ways of being, or limiting beliefs that no longer serve you,” Mallis says. “Then continue that rhythm to bring you back to center.”

All it takes is a few minutes! The world is not going to end if you haven’t hit “reply” on that e-mail you got one minute ago.