Happiness Could Be The Key To Boosting Your Brain Power

You know when you’re in a great mood and suddenly hitting all the red lights on your way to work doesn’t seem like a nightmare after all? Or maybe you happen to get almost twice as much work done throughout the day? That’s because not only does happiness make you feel better overall, it increases your brain function.

Findings from over 1,000 studies on mood and attention prove that happiness gives us mental flexibility, improves our ability to focus, makes us more imaginative and creative, and allows us to take in a broader sense of stimuli.

When we’re happy, our brains can actually choose which part of the cortex to use when a dilemma or challenge arises, focusing on the parts that are most likely to solve a problem. This is opposed to bypassing external stimuli altogether when we’re stuck in a slump and have a negative mindset.

The takeaway? Try to focus on positivity, and soon enough, your lifestyle will improve immensely!